The Opening of Teodora Rakić’s Exhibition “Closeness”

The representation of a figure comfortably placed in the content of a fleeting moment stands out as the main determinant of Teodora’s long-term artistic work. Inspiration lies in a motif that is reworked throughout history, but in this particular case it goes beyond mere mimetic assimilation. According to Radivoj Kvaščev’s Psychology of Creativity, the term “creative fantasy” stands out, which we define as the ability and aspiration to move away from reality, which is logically conditioned by subjectivity. The traditional motif and technique are the elements that ensure the completeness and richness of the painted scene, but the emphasis is on encouraging the person posing to be oneself and achieving a homely atmosphere during the painting endeavor.

 Observing the presented whole, it can be concluded that the role of the model is now exclusively given to a female person, close to the author. The aim of the aforementioned does not lie in trying to point out the well-known ideas of the feminist movement, but in rediscovering and deepening intimacy, friendship and attachment. The act of painting is actually documenting the current physical, psychological and emotional characteristics of a person. However, regardless of the uncertainty and changes that are an integral part of the future, each individual image continues to be a testimony of the former relationship to a specific female person and evidence of emphasized intimacy.

Narrowing down the selection of individuals who are interpreted as inspiration, and then become the main subject of Teodora’s painting, is based on their characteristics, moods, experiences and actions that the author observed and followed. Whether it is a new level of getting to know a person that preceded the creation of a work of art, or a synchronous process of psychological and artistic discovery, the core of past work is identification with another woman. This finding of oneself in the other and of the other in oneself illuminates an exceptional dose of empathy, tolerance and nobility, which the author continuously expresses through her painting activity.

Teodora Rakidžić

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