The Opening of Tatjana Dimitrijević’s Exhibition “Frequencies”

Truth is not to be found in a dream, truth is to be found in many dreams…

Tatjana Dimitrijević takes us, on the roads of her dreamlike intuition and mysterious dreamy visions, through the labyrinths of unconsciousness. With dreamer’s certitude, not knowing the way, but moving driven by a far larger force than knowledge: by intuitive sense. That is why, for us observers and travellers on these dreams, the experience of every such discovered interstice, in which we have accidentally found ourselves in, is completely different, diverse. There are no two humans that can feel the identical potential of these spaces, passages and half-opened doors within the volume of one dream (or many). Everyone imprints themselves in the dimension of sleep, and the courage to reside in dreams and to believe in dreams, is the real temptation to which we are invited by Tanja’s paintings. The temptation to drift away to unknown paths, those to whom our consciousness does not recall, who remain deprived and who keep the secret of meaning. And as long as there are pathfinders in this world, artists who go first down that incomprehensible paths in search of the joy of meaning, who then want to show us the way, so that the omniscience of our unconsciousness could open the door to its foolishness and secrets, the human kind cannot stray down the pitfalls of human evolution. Even if pathfinders are few today, their power and their role are never exhausted. They, just like vegetable seeds, can wait centuries for the time when the essence of their prospicience and spiritual foresight will blossom. Therefore, temptations remain only on us. Shall we go on a path through which our spiritual knowledge grows, on which omniscient unconscious becomes a source of comfort in wisdom and eternity…or not. Tatjana’s paintings invite us to follow them and I’m sure we should respond.

Borislav Čičovački

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