Gallery opening

On 20th May, a new art gallery ‘Lucida’ was opened in a company of renowned fine artists and public figures, in the centre of Belgrade 11, Čika Ljubina Street.

Gallery Lucida was created as a result of great enthusiasm and love for the art of Mr Zlatomir Radivojević, an admirer of contemporary art, and gallery owner and his friends – Mr Milovan Dagović and Mr Dragoslav Krnajski, the artists.

The exhibiting activity of Lucida gallery is predominantly based on the presentation of the works of the artists who have appeared on the Serbian art scene during the 1980s and 1990s.

The initial setting of the gallery represents “a window”, a call for independent research of the rich, creative worlds of the artists whose works are presented in Lucida.

The team behind Lucida gallery announced that the gallery activity would not be limited only to the presentation of artworks, but it would also be expanded to the debates about the state of culture, cultural policy and problems of the contemporary art scene.

The intention of Lucida gallery team is to provide the gallery space with an active life on the cultural scene of Belgrade and Serbia in the form of constant interaction between the audience on one side and the authors and professionals on the other.

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