Exhibition Opening Good Moments – Maja Erdeljanin

The cycle of paintings entitled “Good Moments” represent my aspiration to choose my own reality, and, like a recipe, offer it through painting to others, as a seemingly innocent and naive suggestion to do the same. There is no day without troubles, but we are the ones who give them the power to defeat us, if, desperately trying to fend them off, we advert our eyes from everything good in our lives.

“Good Moments” record the almost imperceptible, yet essentially brilliant moments of the days we consider unimportant or tedious, boring. These are the moments allowing us, if we let them, to feel peace and harmony with our inner selves and our environment. These are no epoch-making events, nothing seeking to revolutionise limits and go down in history (even the personal one). These are small things, moments in which we feel joy, as a new sparkle of life. These moments are like drops of water that, joined together, can become as powerful as a wave. Walking a dog, breakfast with a close person, watching ducklings in a park, a good conversation, reading a book, cycling, tea and scones at five…    

Artistically, the cycle is a sublimation of everything I have been engaged with in painting. Attitude to colour, in chromatic and textural terms, has remained the same, while the topics I have been treating – acts, landscapes, astronomy, manipulation of colours and harmonious imagery – are intertwined depending on the narrative segment of the given painting, which is actually the only new element in the pieces. I retell an event to the viewer for the first time, with an intention to lead him through the experience to conclude together with me that every day is a gift, and that we are the only ones to decide whether we will embrace it or push it aside. 

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