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The initial setting of the gallery has not being representing a synthesized, i.e. summarized cross-section or review of these artists’ work dating from ’80 and ’90 of the 20th century to the present days. The corpus of the exhibited works can be interpreted on the horizontal axis because it includes a wide range of different individual poetics illustrating the “linguistic pluralism” which has characterised the art of the post-modern era onwards. Nevertheless, it can also be read on the vertical axis, taking into account the variety of works dating from the early 80s to the present day. However, a visitor should not interpret the current gallery collection as a cross-section or an overview of the art mentioned above, but ather as an insight, a “window”, a preview or an invitation for additional independent exploration of the rich creative worlds of the artists whose works are represented here today.

There is a well-known axiom that there is no successful gallery without the exceptional artists – the role of an artist is the most important piece of the puzzle in the life of a gallery. To our great satisfaction, gallery Lucida has achieved a successful cooperation and gained the trust of Marija Dragojlović, Darija Kačić, Mileta Prodanović, Anica Vučetić, Perica Donkov, Aleksandar Rafajlović, Dušan Petrović, Srđan Apostolović, Zdravko Joksimović, Dobrivoje Krgovića, Željka Momirov, Vladimir Ristivojević, Nina Todorović, Risto Antunović and Vladan Terzić.

The activities of gallery Lucida will connote programs of action which will set about culture consumers and make them motivated to own a work of art. The activity of our gallery will not be limited only to the displaying and presentation of artworks; we will extend the activity to the organization of the cycle of debates about the state of culture, cultural policy and problems of the contemporary art scene in Serbia.  A series of panel discussions will open the debate on the topic of “sculpture in public space and monumental sculpture in Serbia today”. The intention of Lucida gallery team is to provide the gallery space with an active life on the cultural scene of Belgrade and Serbia in the form of constant interaction with the audience, the authors and professionals (artists, art historians, philosophers, art critics and other professionals). We are also preparing a series of educational activities, which we will inform you about beforehand

Mira Vujović gallery curator


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